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Case Studies :

Case Study - 1 :

SD-WAN Boosts Bank Network Connectivity:

Problem Statement

In the age of digital transformation, it can be difficult for Banking to offer their business operations and customers the most value. SD-WAN taps software to route a network connection through the fastest path across multiple connections — much like a navigation app helps you find the best route across city.

Virtualizing the network connection with SD-WAN reaps benefits, including offering connectivity a performance and efficiency boost while reducing overall costs. It also can prioritize traffic flow so mission-critical application data jumps to the head of the line. While this technology is profitable for nearly all banks especially see gains from it, particularly as they begin to move more tools and services to the cloud.


Transform Banking IT Infrastructure with HexaEdge SD-WAN - Next Generation Network Connectivity Solution based on Edge Appliances Architecture which is Faster, Secure, Reliable, Scalable, Economical and Futuristic.

HexaEdge SD-WAN fulfills Banks security and compliance responsibilities, it was able to maintain a secure connection via SD-WAN, in which “traffic from the branches is backhauled over an encrypted VPN to internal gateways, where a centralized security services team monitors all traffic and enforces security policies.

HexaEdge SD-WAN is an Ideal SD-WAN solution for Multi-Branch Office Connectivity, Optimization and Management. Following unique key features differentiate our HexaEdge SD-WAN product as solution than other SD-WAN (Router Based) Solutions:

  • HexaEdge SD-WAN provides failover, flexibility of 3 or more ISPs as well as 3G/4G/5G/LTE for seamless uptime
  • HexaEdge SD-WAN active directory enabled SD-WAN brings all remote offices under Single Domain Controller
  • HexaEdge SD-WAN extends Head Office(HO) firewall that eliminates the need of Branch/Remote Firewalls
  • HexaEdge SD-WAN eliminates the need of VPN Router and VPN Configuration Setup as Hexa EdgeNet has built-in Unique Edge Connectivity
  • HexaEdge SD-WAN solution would replace expensive MPLS without compromising on any of its features
  • HexaEdge SD-WAN solution will drastically reduce the infrastructure setup & operating cost

Case Study - 2 :

Branch Office Optimization:

Optimize Applications and Network Performance for Multiple Branch Office Users.

Problem Statement

Branch offices usually faces a challenge for distributed organizations, a challenge that will only grow as organizations enter new markets and expand into existing ones. Typically, those challenges present themselves in one of two ways: issues with finding cost-effective connectivity and getting applications to perform well over distance. HexaEdge SD-WAN connectivity solutions that address both these unique challenges of getting the most out of branch offices.


HexaEdge SD-WAN solves the connectivity problem by enabling an enterprise to use the most cost- effective form of connectivity available. Additionally, virtually plug and play deployment and automated business intent policy configuration features enable enterprises to turn up branch offices quickly and with limited manual involvement. The faster branches are turned up, the faster users and applications can become effective.

HexaEdge SD-WAN Optimization techniques also optimize the performance of legacy applications over distance. This SD-WAN optimization solution simplify branch office WAN deployments and provide users in the branch with consistent application performance.

Over time, enterprises can move to a “thin branch” by leveraging SD-WAN. The highly secure and intelligent nature of a HexaEdge SD-WAN broadband WAN reduces the need for additional routers and firewalls at the branch.

Case Study - 3 :

Centralized SD-WAN Network Connectivity for Remote Service:

Optimized, Preconfigured Plug & Play connectivity solution for remote maintenance of machines

Problem Statement

As per our understanding you need reliable and secure access to installed Machines for quick resolution of any machine related issues for optimum up-time and customer satisfaction. The Network availability/connectivity plays very import role in order to improve upon the following Routine Remote Servicing of the machines, remotely accessing system logs for fault finding and user errors, performance monitoring and reducing support engineers visit to onsite support calls which are time consuming and costly.

OEM usually faces a challenge of getting seamless network connectivity from enterprises to remotely servicing them for their installed Machines due to IP Addresses are changing frequently from Enterprises network infrastructure. Typically, these challenges present themselves in one of two ways: issues with finding cost-effective connectivity and getting the Machines serviced well over distance.


HexaEdge SD-WAN connectivity solutions that addresses above mentioned challenges of getting the most out of the Customer Support and Enterprises. HexaEdge SD- WAN connectivity solutions can be used to capture the machine logs to be transmitted automatically scheduled to OEM centralized log server that could be further used for predictive maintenance analysis.

HexaEdge SD-WAN solves the connectivity problem by enabling a OEM & Enterprises to use the most cost-effective form of connectivity available. Additionally, virtually plug and play enables OEM Support team to turn up network connectivity quickly and with limited manual involvement. The faster Enterprise network is turned up, the faster users and Machines can become effective and that too without static IP.

HexaEdge SD-WAN connectivity dashboard enables the centralized monitoring of all online/offline Machines to prevent and take informed decision for support service from OEM.

HexaEdge SD-WAN Solution comprises of Single HexaEdge SD-WAN Controller which will control SD-WAN 1000 of SD-WAN Nodes. Each connectivity would act as secure extended LAN network, data transmitted will be encrypted and compressed. All connected Enterprises machines will be able to monitored from single dashboard.