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HexaEdge-LAN Over Internet (LOI)

HexaEdge Software SD-WAN for Work from Anywhere :



Your ACCOUNTING / ERP Software Installed on your on-premise server or cloud can be accessed from anywhere with your server user profile-based user authentication, very secure SSL based SD WAN LAN over Internet tunnel as shown in above infographics. HexaEdge LOI extends all the features of your office LAN over internet. It also extends license from one place to another if you have multiple teams working on multiuser license.

You can get much better speed compared to any other VPN solution available in the market. Our LOI don’t need any static IP to take all the remote users under same subnet mask ( LAN feature) like other VPN solutions.

It increases the application access speed by optimizing the available internet connection/bandwidth and by using compression technology at both the ends of SD WAN tunnel.

It is available in hybrid deployment model like Software:Software where all are individual remote users OR Hardware:Hardware where there are multiple users working in the small branch office scenario. Implementation of our LOI is hassle-free and quick and no expert IT person is required at your end.