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Features :

  • foto Appliance based SD-WAN Solution HexaEdge SD-WAN solution follows appliance based deployment mechanism to bring the SD-WAN benefits to SMEs and Large Enterprises which are currently unaware about the cost effective SD-WAN technology. HexaEdge SD-WAN solution has built-in network functions in software deployed on SD-WAN Node. Our HexaEdge SD-WAN solution can become part of their age old existing established router centric network and can be scaled up quickly in phases without hampering the network and business functions.
  • foto Encryption HexaEdge SD-WAN solution has integrated Encryption that makes it more secure. Data from data-video-voice application is encrypted while transferring through tunnel, which makes sniffing impossible.
  • foto Compression HexaEdge SD-WAN solution has integrated Compression that makes enterprise application faster for remote branch WAN users. Data from any data-video-voice application is compressed up to 30% while transferring through tunnel, which makes data flow speedier.
  • foto Scalable HexaEdge SD-WAN solution can be scaled up to N-number of client nodes within days as all the Network functions are in-built. No skilled IT person is required to set up the appliance based SD-WAN.
  • foto Cost Effective Versatile HexaEdge SD-WAN Network is very cost effective and comes at a fraction of cost of MPLS like technologies that too with added functionalities.
  • foto Unique HexaEdge SD-WAN is unique SD-WAN solution where active directory function is enabled and integrated.